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Spring Service Announcement: Digital Inspections

Spring 2020 Service Announcement: Metropolitan Garage Digital Inspections

If you’re like a lot of our customers, “self-isolation” involves an adventure and gear of some kind! At Metro, we are here, keeping your vehicles safe to travel.

It makes us so happy to know that you are with family and close friends. We also know that most likely if you’re not at work, you’re going somewhere! A quick look at the White Mountains National Recreation Area Cabins shows the place is booked!

It makes us so happy that as Alaskans, one of the options we have to HELP out is to GET OUT!

Spring Services and Maintenance Schedules are being honored at pace, at METRO. We are pretty sure they cannot cancel Spring! Your tires still need to come off. 😊

However, it’s not business as usual. We have made some accommodations to ensure that we are contributing aggressively to stemming viral transmission:

Vehicle Drop-off and Pick-up:

  • Our building is not open to foot traffic. Customers drop vehicles off using the Key Drop-Off box located to the right of our door.
  • We then sanitize keys and all “common-touch” vehicle surfaces such as steering wheel, door handle, and shifters.
  • Our technicians wear gloves at all times while working on vehicles.
  • Our staff re-sanitize keys before placing them in our fully-sanitized after-hours lockbox. If you are unfamiliar with this feature, it is a system of boxes with key codes. We text you a code and box number, and you can fetch your keys when the work is done.

Customer Communication: The Digital Vehicle Inspection

This is where we shine! Last year in an effort to improve communication with customers we began performing “Digital Vehicle Inspections” (DVI). We love them!

Part of what we love about what we do is educating people about cars! We are proud of what we do and we love sharing it! We think fixing cars is cool, and we can’t imagine you don’t as well!

Our technicians work with iPads now, recording what they see and do with pictures, videos and text. This information is logged into your vehicle history (which you have access to at all times with a login) and then sent to you via text and/or email.

While your vehicle is in the Shop, you get a notification with pictures of the conditions present which warrant recommended work, along with written information explaining the situations. We have found that this combination of visual/annotated communication puts customers in the Shop with our techs!

Drop your car off. Look for a text or email with a vehicle health report, and consult with our staff about the options for keeping your car on the road. Then pay over the phone and pick up your keys from a lockbox.

We are grateful that Alaskans are facing this challenge with a characteristic flair for community. We would have expected nothing less. At METRO, we are committed to safe travels for all of our customers. It won’t be nearly as fun as usual because we won’t get to see you! However, we are so happy that by just following a few extra procedures, we can keep your Spring on the calendar!