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Alternator Repair

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The charging system in modern cars is a complex system of microprocessors, relays, fuses, and connectors that provides refined and targeted electronic signals and power through miles of transmission lines within the car. Our experts at METRO know what issues to look for in the alternator, battery, and the entire charging system, especially in vehicles driven in harsh conditions. 

Through regular inspections, each METRO mechanic gets to know individual customer cars. We log developing conditions and make detailed notes about rates of decay or wear. .

Alternator Repair Fairbanks, AK

What does the alternator do?

The alternator is an integral component of your car or truck’s electrical system. Alternators convert mechanical energy from the engine to electrical energy, keeping your battery charged and your car moving. Some people don't know this, but the battery and alternator depend on each other to continue working. When one falters or fails completely, the other is at risk. Drivers often make the mistake of incorrectly diagnosing charging system issues by identifying either the battery or alternator for replacement. An incorrect assessment leads to the new part being ruined upon installation

Problem Area



An accurate diagnosis in such a comprehensive system requires advanced diagnostic tools and an expert’s knowledge. When you see any of these symptoms, call to schedule an appointment with our METRO team to get you started on the right repair plan.

  • Lights dim while engine cranks
  • Battery freezes (sides bulging)
  • Battery doesn't hold a charge
  • Difficulty starting vehicle
  • Vehicle stalls

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    Let one of the technicians on the METRO team become your Fairbanks mechanic. Repairs and scheduled maintenance are part of vehicle ownership, but with a personalized maintenance strategy and regular appointments, we can keep your alternators and batteries working together to keep your car running well. Fill out our contact form to schedule your next appointment.