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Oil Change

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Oil Change 

An oil change is the most misunderstood service for a car or truck. Contrary to popular belief, changing the fluid and replacing the filter are the smallest details of this service. The inspection we provide as part of your oil change is much more significant and requires the care and attention of a highly trained mechanic. 

Our team is made up of mechanics who use their years of experience to identify and fix the issues they notice during this routine service.

Oil Change Fairbanks, AK

An oil change is something I can do myself.

A comprehensive oil change from a METRO mechanic is different from a stop at the Quickie Lube. It is also different from changing your own oil. Yes, you might be able to change the oil and filter yourself, but without the years of training our technicians have, you won’t notice the details that indicate a looming repair. Allowing trained mechanics to change your oil and filters saves money. We have proven it time and time again.

Problem Area



It’s past time for an inspection and oil change when you experience these symptoms:
  • Check engine light is on
  • Oil light is on
  • Engine knocks or makes a rhythmic, metallic tick
  • Dark, black oil leaks from the undercarriage

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    Let one of us on the METRO team become your Fairbanks mechanic. We love what we do. We love seeing cars for scheduled maintenance, like comprehensive oil change services, so we can track changes to help predict and prevent failure. When you need help with something as routine as an oil change, we’re glad you trust us to take care of your car. Call or fill out our contact form to schedule an oil change or any other routine maintenance.