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Subaru Head Gasket Replacement

Keep Your Subaru in Top Shape!

Subarus are hands-down the safest driving car in the Arctic, and we love them! However, they do have one infamous production flaw that requires the care of a Subaru specialist. Many Subaru makes from the 90s and 00s suffer from a chronic head gasket defect. Composite materials used in the manufacture of Subaru OEM head gaskets can lead to coolant leaks into the exhaust pressure and combustion chambers. These issues can lead to critical engine failure.

Many Subaru makes from the 90s and 00s suffer from a chronic head gasket defect.

Subaru Head Gasket Repair Specialists in Fairbanks

Due to the number of Subarus in Alaska, Metro Garage has become a specialty shop for Subaru Head Gasket Repairs. A proper engine reseal (head gasket repair) will give your Subaru a new lease on life and ready to tackle another 100,000 miles.

Our Comprehensive Subaru Maintenance Plan

Between 90,000-120,000 miles, Subarus enter a standard maintenance interval: the timing belt, water pump, tune up, and other wear parts on the motor (clutch, if equipped) are scheduled for replacement. Think of it as a midlife renewal of the motor. When combined with the head gasket repair, the cost of the labor for this spendy maintenance interval is captured within the labor cost of the head gasket repair.

Our mechanics have done more of these repairs than any other independent Subaru repair shop in Fairbanks! And we don’t just replace your head gasket with another problematic composite gasket. We use a gasket specifically designed to permanently repair the manufacturer’s inadequate materials. This repair generally outlives the second half of a Subaru’s life.

Just ask our customers or mechanics; the results are in and you can rest easy knowing that our parts and methods result in uniformly lasting repairs. We are approaching 2000 Subaru head gasket repairs in Fairbanks and counting!

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Does Your Subaru Need a New Head Gasket?

Here is a list of Subaru Head Gasket Failure Symptoms:

  • Oil trickling down between the head and block surfaces. Without repairs, the leak will increase and lead to oil and coolant loss which results in engine overheating
  • The smell of sulphur or fuel from the coolant reservoir. You will notice increased readings on the coolant temperature gauge.
  • Repeated overheating of the engine, especially during a long drive

How To Prevent Engine Failure Due To Head Gasket Leaks

  • Monitor oil levels. Three oil changes per year, with regular inspections
  • Monitor the coolant reservoir and replace the fluid when it’s dirty
  • For all routine services, bring your vehicle to an auto shop specializing in Subaru head gasket repairs and maintenance (like METRO Garage!)

Contact our Subaru Head Gasket Experts

Our team makes Subaru head gasket repairs and service intervals easy for you. METRO Garage has the experience and expertise to quickly identify Subaru head gasket problems. We tailor repairs and maintenance intervals to the needs of our customers, their specific driving habits and vehicles. It isn’t hard to have a Subaru that is always in top shape when you take it to a mechanic who pays attention and knows what to look for.

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