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Brake Repair

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It’s hard to say which safety feature is most important in a car. For us, next to tires, it’s brakes. Car and truck brakes wear at entirely unpredictable rates. Driving habits alone determine wear. These habits result in drastically different rates of decay in brake components. Charging intersections, erratic fluctuations in speed, hauling heavy loads over elevated terrain – these are examples of driving behaviors that cause brakes to wear out quickly. Once we’ve serviced your vehicle a few times, we can begin to identify patterns and predict service intervals.

Brake services include measuring the hydroscopic action of water in brake fluid and inspecting pads, rotors, shoes, drums, and calipers. Brake hoses, lines, and master cylinders are also routine points of a Metro Garage brake inspection.

Brake Repair Fairbanks, AK

When should I get my brakes changed?

Like most parts on your car, you may not think about your brakes until there’s a problem. So how do you know when you should get your brakes changed? Manufacturers can attempt to estimate wear on brakes, but the only efficient way to verify individual brakes is by visual inspection. Tire change-overs or oil maintenance intervals are a money-saving time for brake inspections.

Problem Area



Because brakes have different rates of decay, we put together a list of symptoms drivers might notice that indicate it’s time to schedule an appointment.

  • Pulsing brake pedal vibration
  • Soft, spongy brake pedal
  • Grinding feel in pedal or noise
  • Brake dash light on
  • Vehicle pulls to one side when braking

  • If you’re experiencing any of these issues while driving, schedule a time to have one of our experts inspect your brakes.

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