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Timing Belt Replacement in Fairbanks, AK

Alaska is Special and so are Our Timing Belt Maintenance Intervals

METRO Garage understands the unique challenges of maintaining a vehicle in Fairbanks. Over 23 years of inspecting and replacing vehicle wear parts have allowed us to determine the most effective scope and range between service visits, especially when working with timing belts. Our team of local Fairbanks mechanics knows both the symptoms of worn belts and pulleys, and which replacement belts perform best in sub-arctic environments. If appropriate, we always include overlapping repairs like water-pump and pulley replacement at no extra labor charge.

Our team of local Fairbanks mechanics knows both the symptoms of worn belts and pulleys, and which replacement belts perform best in sub-arctic environments.

Timing Belt Specialists

Alaska is special. Maintenance intervals are different here than most places in the driving world, and at METRO we pay attention and catalogue these details. A timing belt coordinates the movement of pistons and valves in an engine. It is the most important belt on an engine and wear or failure will leave you stranded.

Our mechanics know the specific “harsh duty” intervals for timing belt replacement on vehicles and we know which belts perform well in the sub-arctic. We also combine water-pump and pulley replacement during this repair in order to save our customers time and money.

What is a Timing Belt?

Your timing belt is a crucial part of your engine’s internal combustion system. It is responsible for synchronizing the engine’s functions, controlling the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft, as well as the opening and closing of your engine’s valves. Failure to replace your timing belt can cause a desynchronization of your pistons, throw off the engine’s timing, and result in catastrophic damage to the engine system.

Does your car even have a timing belt? Is your engine a “super-collider”? This means that the valves will strike the pistons in the event that the rubber belt inside deteriorates and breaks. Hondas (a METRO speciality) are generally super-colliders, so don’t wait on that interval!

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Timing Belt Failure Symptoms

  • Deep cracking of the timing belt
  • Engine timing off
  • Engine backfires
  • Engine misfires or stutters
  • Loss of power

Is it Time to Replace Your Timing Belt?

The recommended service interval for a timing belt is shorter for cars in Alaska. Many factors contribute to the longevity of a timing belt. They generally stretch and crack before breaking. The best way to care for this significant engine component is regular inspections by a conscientious mechanic. Our team is trained to catch these intervals so you don’t have to think about it. Ever.

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Our team makes Subaru head gasket repairs and service intervals easy for you. METRO Garage has the experience and expertise to quickly identify Subaru head gasket problems. We tailor repairs and maintenance intervals to the needs of our customers, their specific driving habits and vehicles. It isn’t hard to have a Subaru that is always in top shape when you take it to a mechanic who pays attention and knows what to look for.

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