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3208 International St, Fairbanks, AK   |   (907) 312-1447

About Us

It’s about people.
At Metropolitan Garage we don’t work on cars.
We work for PEOPLE who happen to own cars.

We provide a superior auto repair experience.

The service you get at METRO is unlike any service you’ve experienced. We’ll never recommend repairs we wouldn’t make to our own cars. You’ll always know exactly what’s happening with your car so you can make the right decisions for your vehicle and your wallet.

We hire ASE Certified Master Technicians.

At Metropolitan Garage, we don’t trust just anybody to work on your car. We hire certified master technicians who can diagnose and fix problems efficiently while taking care of you. When you bring your car into our shop, you can be confident you’re receiving the best service from the best mechanics.

We think of Fairbanks as our home.

We’re a part of this community, and it shows. We love the people and the community of Fairbanks, which is why you’ll see us involved in the community and supporting local organizations. We wouldn’t trade Fairbanks for any other community and are proud to say we’re a locally owned business.

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Community Involvement

At METRO, its about People! We love what we do in Fairbanks, and we love that our business supports the community we serve!

We Educate!

The Folk School

The Folk School, Fairbanks www.folk.school is an inspired part of the Fairbanks Community. Together with Folk School we offer classes in automotive care and repair.

Repair Cafe

Repair Cafe is a regular event at METRO Garage that helps the people of Fairbanks and the environment. Join us at our shop where we fix things together, rather than throw them away! Using our team’s tools and expertise, we repair and revitalize your household items.

Are you handy? Become a volunteer at our next Repair Cafe! Like us on Facebook to get updates about the next repair cafe at Metropolitan Garage!

We Recycle

We take old car parts out all day long. Every new part we install comes with packaging. This equals thousands of pounds of waste every month! At METRO, we have figured out how to reuse everything that Alaska can recycle. There are policies in place about ways to properly dispose of things. And then there is Innovation!

At METRO, Its about People! We don’t just recycle, we repurpose things and connect with our community.

  • Drain, evacuate, crush and recycle all oil filters (1,800 toxic filters don’t go into the landfill)
  • Recycle all waste oil (2,200 gallons—not one drop goes into the Tanana Basin Alluvial Aquifer)
  • Heat our building with filtered waste oil (no heavy metals exhausted into the atmosphere)
  • Recycle waste coolant (doesn’t contaminate the local leach field or water treatment plant)
  • Recycle all batteries (never in a landfill)
  • Recycle all cardboard (4,000 pounds per year kept out of the landfill)
  • Recycle all metals (22,000 pounds per year, kept out of the landfill and reused)

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