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About Metropolitan Garage

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Welcome to Our Garage

Our 20+ years of experience allow us to be experts in the field of automotive repair! We are proud of what we do and the way we do it. We provide each of our customers with individualized dynamic plans of action for their cars and trucks. This approach reduces labor and repair costs, which keeps you on the road and out of the Shop.

While we work on all makes and models, we specialize in the maintenance and repair of Subaru, Honda, and Toyota vehicles. Quite simply, we have seen almost every imaginable repair on these popular vehicles and it shows in how effective we are. Our longevity in the repair market and our attention to detail have made us Fairbanks Specialists.

It’s about people.
At Metropolitan garage we don’t work on cars.
We work for PEOPLE who happen to own cars.

Family-Owned Auto Shop For Over 20 Years

Metropolitan Garage began on a hillside in Goldstream Valley as an unfinished single-bay shop, attached to an unfinished house. It really was a garage with kids, ducks and chickens inside! As the shop grew, so did our staff, and as our family has matured, they have become an integral part of our team.

Our skill and experience in the field of automotive maintenance and repair have been refined by years of working to make people happy. This affection is motivation that is hard to match. We serve our customers with efficiency, professionalism and friendly cheer. As a result, we love what we do because we know how to do great work and make people happy!

Meet Our Owners, Steve and Rebecca

family photos Steve and Rebecca Levey are natural partners, and have been involved in family business since they met in 1994.
Stock car racing The stock-car racing circuit was their first partnership. In 1995, Steve and family built a 1972 Camaro which Rebecca drove. With Steve as pit crew and chief mechanic, Rebecca took first prize in both Fairbanks and Whitehorse, Yukon Territory.
Snow mobile And then there were Snow Machines. Rebecca’s love of fast driving was piqued by the wintertime activity of travel on the trail systems of Interior Alaska. They have owned everything from Mountain Machines to the trusty Skidoo Tundra. Snow Machines are anything but reliable and Steve’s ability to predict pattern failures in equipment meant they could travel enormous distances without once having to walk home.
The Alaskan Highway From the beginning, Steve has had a yen for Alaska. Born in Glens Falls, New York, and raised in Lincoln, Massachusetts, he finally achieved his dream of traveling to Alaska during undergraduate school. After buying and fixing a wrecked BMW motorcycle, Steve made the journey up and down the Alaska Highway throughout college and finally settled in Fairbanks for good. He began his career-life in Alaska by working for the department of History and Archaeology in Anchorage. He has a masters degree in history from the University of Colorado, Boulder, where he studied the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. He went on to gather a degree in teaching from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks. He then taught in South East Alaska, Hutchison Career Center and West Valley High School, before going full time as owner/mechanic at Metro. Steve has also taught OLLIE classes as well as Folk School classes.
Week in the Woods Rebecca’s entrepreneurial spirit is naturally expressed in her involvement and accomplishments as a leader in the Fairbanks civic and education communities. She was one of three founding members of the Folk School Fairbanks. She started Week in the Woods with craftsman John Manthei. She began and maintained the Bog Project, a home-school association course in Field and Natural History. She also started and continues to direct the Alaska Cello Intensive, an international Music Education Program located on the University of Alaska, Fairbanks Campus. She has served on various boards including the NSCF-FXC board, local church boards, ecumenical association boards, educational institution boards, and Fairbanks Youth Orchestras.

Community Involvement

At METRO, its about People! We love what we do in Fairbanks, and we love that our business supports the community we serve!

We Educate!

The Folk School

The Folk School, Fairbanks www.folk.school is an inspired part of the Fairbanks Community. Together with Folk School we offer classes in automotive care and repair.

Repair Cafe

Repair Cafe is a regular event at METRO Garage that helps the people of Fairbanks and the environment. Join us at our shop where we fix things together, rather than throw them away! Using our team’s tools and expertise, we repair and revitalize your household items. ‘

Are you handy? Become a volunteer at our next Repair Cafe! Like us on Facebook to get updates about the next repair cafe at Metropolitan Garage!

We Recycle

We take old car parts out all day long. Every new part we install comes with packaging. This equals thousands of pounds of waste every month! At METRO, we have figured out how to reuse everything that Alaska can recycle. There are policies in place about ways to properly dispose of things. And then there is Innovation!

At METRO, Its about People! We don’t just recycle, we repurpose things and connect with our community.

  • Drain, evacuate, crush and recycle all oil filters (1,800 toxic filters don’t go into the landfill)
  • Recycle all waste oil (2,200 gallons—not one drop goes into the Tanana Basin Alluvial Aquifer)
  • Heat our building with filtered waste oil (no heavy metals exhausted into the atmosphere)
  • Recycle waste coolant (doesn’t contaminate the local leach field or water treatment plant)
  • Recycle all batteries (never in a landfill)
  • Recycle all cardboard (4,000 pounds per year kept out of the landfill)
  • Recycle all metals (22,000 pounds per year, kept out of the landfill and reused)

Contact our Local Garage

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