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Auto Repair

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At METRO, we have personalized the automotive experience by working as a team. Our staff works together to manage vehicle maintenance and repair with attention to cost, efficiency, and standards of excellence. These three values are central to every interaction and it guides a satisfying repair experience for both mechanic and driver. 

We diagnose problems with pinpoint accuracy. Our mechanics are ASE certified because they are professional individuals with high standards. But more important than being good test takers, they are scientists and Alaskans. Our technicians love what they do and they love getting to the bottom of vehicle failure. Our mechanics are problem solvers and kind individuals who always keep the vehicle owners in mind.

Auto Repair Fairbanks, AK

Why Use METRO?
Because at METRO, it really is about people. It is about you and your mechanic. At METRO, we put you in the bay with your mechanic. Your repair recommendations come from ASE certified master technicians who are seasoned Fairbanksans, high-level perfectionists, and team players. As a driver, you are part of our team and part of the auto repair process.

Our Process
We get things done with clarity, speed, and good cheer! We share the whole repair process so you understand and can make empowered decisions regarding your transportation, time, and money.

Problem Area



We aren’t here to work on cars. Our mission is to take care of you. By achieving our mission your car is safe and reliable, and your budget is respected.
Auto Repairs We Offer
  • Brake
  • Alternator
  • Transmission
  • A/C and Heater
  • Tires
  • Oil Change
  • Clutch

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    Let our METRO mechanics become your personal mechanics. Join us in maintaining your vehicle and repairs will become fewer and further between. When we work together to take care of your car, it doesn’t break down. Call or fill out our contact form to schedule your auto repair today.