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Your car AC unit and heater are one thing.

A car AC unit and heater are not independent systems like you would think. In theory their separation stands to reason. Since when is a fridge integral to your wood stove cranking out heat? It makes sense that systems so different in purpose would have little overlap in design.  Climate Control, not Heat + Air […]

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What is a Catalytic Converter?

Car exhaust has never been so expensive, both to the environment and to motorist’s wallets.  You WISH your body had a catalytic converter! A Catalytic Converter is the vehicle equivalent of a fat-burning miracle machine. Engine exhaust is picked apart and turbo-digested (converted) into relatively harmless, spent waste. Here’s How First Layer: Metal It looks […]

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The Auto Mechanic Hierarchy Business Model

Does your Fairbanks Auto Repair Shop have a pecking order of “master technicians” vs. “lube-oil techs?”  In the historical and currently prevalent business models in the automotive industry, “Master Technician” refers to individuals who both get run over or left behind because they sit still.  Evolution is something to keep up with on Earth. We […]

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