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Smart Winter Tire Storage Tips

If you want to add a couple of seasons to your winter tires, pay attention to how they spend their summers

When you get your tires home, here’s your to-do list:

Take them OUT of the plastic bags the tire store gave you.

  • Most people don’t realize it, but these bags are meant only to keep your car clean when muddy, salty, grimy tires are taken off your car and thrown in the back seat. Fairbanks auto repair shops do want to keep your car clean!
  • Use these bags to cover tomato plants or to store loose hay. DO NOT store tires in them. 

Wash your tires and rims with warm, soapy water.

  • Take care to wash everything that looks like mud off the rims and tires. Winter soils contain salts used in road maintenance. (Next year your Fairbanks Mechanic will love you for the clean tires you bring them.)
  • Road salts corrode the rim “bead” and the seats of the bolt holes where the wheel fastens to the vehicle axle. This corrosion results in tires that leak air constantly, particularly in cold weather. 
  • If you have a slow leak, this could be the cause. 

Store in a shady, cool, environment. 

  • The North Side of a building with no sun exposure is ideal.
  • Never store tires directly on the ground.
  • Pallets are perfect. 
  • Create a crib out of pallets for the tires. 

Dry is critical.

  • Tires should have a roof over them to keep rain off.
  • If using pallets, cover the stack with a scrap of roofing metal.
  • Airflow is key to preserving the integrity of both rim and rubber compounds. 

These same tips apply to storage of all winter items like snow machines, fat bikes, dog sleds. If you have a vehicle like a plow truck that you only drive in the winter, store it like this and you’ll add lots of life to it. 

  • Remove the Battery and store in a cool, dry place. A trickle charger can be placed on the battery periodically to maintain a good charge. 
  • Store the plow separately from the truck in order to relieve the suspension of added weight. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call us! Our Fairbanks Mechanics enjoy sharing what they know about auto repair and maintenance!