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Road Salt and Summer

🌼It’s June and winter roads are a distant memory, overgrown now by a gloriously tangled landscape of fireweed, vetch, birch and alder greens.

Salt, however, is etched in the present timeline of anything that has ever been on a winter road.

Salt is not seasonal and it does not sleep. In fact, summer is an “accelerant” for the process of corrosion. Twenty-four hour sunshine, frequent rain and morning fog are THE happy place for salt to do its thing.

Every surface of your vehicle, coated by road liquids in winter months, are now a perfect playing field for the chemistry of corrosion.

The solution? A thorough summer washing. In May, road salts are still present and rain storms will kick up any remaining brine. June is the time to wash your car, upside and underside, thoroughly.

Now, what did you tow last winter? This is the sleeper, the thing salt loves most. That vintage Tundra II that you tow to Summit Lake? Your Water Hauler? Snow-machine trailer?

This is equipment that usually sits under a hot tarp where salt eats at frame, exhaust, and suspension parts. Moisture from the ground beneath tarps is trapped in what becomes a four-month greenhouse! A rustopia!

Drag your snow-gos out and give them a summer bath, inside and out. You will get years back from salt by doing this!