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If you drive these vehicles, you are driving a $3,000 repair this week in Fairbanks.

problem area bottom of vehicleproblem area back of vehicle

Vehicle vandalism has become a pandemic within the Pandemic. Specifically, the systematic extraction of expensive exhaust parts has become an economy in Fairbanks. If you drive these cars, you are the supply chain*:

  • Honda Element
  • Toyota 4-Runner
  • Toyota Tacoma
  • Toyota Tundra
  • Toyota Prius (especially 04-08 second generation)
  • Nissan Pathfinder
  • All four-wheel drive pick-up trucks 1998 and newer
  • Sport Utility Vehicles

*If you drive vehicles NOT on this list, you are still at risk, but not a statistical favorite.

What does vehicle vandalism mean for you?

If your exhaust gets cut and parts stolen it means you have a 1-3K repair bill and no security that it won’t happen again next week.

Certain exhaust parts are in high demand right now, so availability of replacement parts is limited. You could be out a car for weeks.

What can you do?

First, prevention:

Park Defensively. Never park in an unsecured lot. Unsecured means without direct supervision. Examples of “unsupervised lots” are The Musher’s Hall, Fairbanks Memorial Hospital, Fred Meyer, Safeway…any parking lot where there are not active human eyes and minds looking out for civil society. 

Second, know if your vehicle has the low hanging fruit.

The parts being stolen are 1) easy to get to 2) expensive.  If your car is on the list above, park it in a garage. 

Third, create a deterrent!

Alaskans are handy. We are marvelously ingenious.

Make your own rules! Find a neighbor with a welder and throw some steel at the problem! Any added layers that will dull a blade or create massive annoyance are key.

Aftermarket shields are available for these parts to act as deterrents, but they are not suited to our conditions. Debris tends to lodge between the shield and exhaust, creating corrosion and premature wear.

If you want our help with adding a deterrent for thieves, give us a call. We will do an assessment and see what we can do.

This is an epidemic we can face together Fairbanks–with grit, commitment, and ingenuity. Email us with any ideas you have and we will repost them! [email protected]