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We love picking crans and freezing them. It requires some planning to harvest and store enough crans to have muffins, apple cranberry pie, cranberry chutney. Some of our customers have dedicated “berry freezers”. One for berries, one for salmon and moose.

At any rate, cranberry muffins are just around the corner and for us at METRO, this means tire season is also not too far off! Just like cranberries, a little planning and you can have an easy time with change-over season.

This year, try our new Service! Schedule online, drop your car, get texts with recommended work, pay online, pick up your car at any hour you choose!

At METRO, we have successfully taken the stress out of servicing vehicles by doing things on your schedule while IMPROVING communication with digital photos of all recommended work texted to you while the vehicle is in the Shop and you are at work or school or getting a massage.

You’re not spending half a day in a waiting room, hypnotized by a reality TV show…You’re getting things done, while we get things done. And you are better than here in the waiting room because your technician is texting you pictures of work they recommend!

Hop online and schedule your appointment today! You can schedule it for October in August if you want to and we will remind you with an email and text note!

Happy berry picking Fairbanks!