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Boat Trailer Wheel Bearings METRO Garage Repair Cafe

😎Let the staff at METRO show you how to take care of your trailers!

Come to our next Repair Cafe, Saturday, June 13, 9am–12 pm!

Wheel bearings in trailers (and particularly boat trailers) require annual inspection and maintenance. This is a procedure every owner can and should do.

The ability to assess the health of a bearing is the first step in independence for travel of any kind with boats, snow machines, water tanks, etc. How often do we see trailers, lop-sided in the break-down lane? The majority of the time, the culprit is failed wheel bearings, not a flat tire.

Trailer Wheel Bearing maintenance is just not that hard! To most of us, it seems intimidating because we don’t know how to start. A knowledge of how to approach wheel bearing repair comes first. What tools and parts do I need?

First, Tools. Small enough to fit in small tool bag, the equipment requirements are quite small and inexpensive. These tools are extremely portable and user-friendly. They should come on every outing so a field-repair becomes an easily executed part of the adventure rather than a kill-joy.

Tools: 1) Large adjustable wrench or socket set 2) Pliers or cutting dykes 3) A punch 4) Hammer or mallet 5) Grease Rags

Next are the trailer parts themselves. What are the “wear” or maintenance items to be inspected or replaced in a trailer axle? Where do you find them? How do you even know what to ask?

Parts: 1) Always a new seal: 2) usually a cotter pin; 3) sometimes bearings and races; 4) rarely an entire axle unless you have a roadside meltdown. 

Other types of trailers are welcome too- snow machine, water hauling, etc.

Also, let’s not forget the fiendish and finicky trailer lights! Why do they never work? Let us teach you the process of diagnosing why your lights don’t work, and showing you how to mend them.

We are opening the class to 10 students with their own trailers at a cost of $50. Additional students may observe and learn without their trailer at a cost of $25. 

**Bring your trailer and 2 jack stands if you have them.

Materials are not included in the cost of this class. However, parts will be available for purchase at the class.

The class will take place outdoors, and in the shop space at Metropolitan Garage, 3208 International Street. We will teach bearing inspection, cleaning, greasing, seal replacement, setting bearing load as well as basic lighting maintenance and replacement of frayed connectors or bulbs. 

Please bring face covering to wear during class.

Time: 9am-12pm Saturday June 13*.

*This class is on maintenance, not repairs or for commercial trailers.

This is a Folk School Class! Register today at: https://folk.school/events/event/trailer-maintenance-at-metro-garage/