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A few COVID lessons

It is summer and we have weathered both Winter and a pandemic. We are proud of our Fairbanks community for coming together while staying apart. 

As a result of COVID, people all over the world have discovered a life off of the economic, cultural, and social treadmill.  

It is extremely difficult for one person to jump off the treadmill for fear of being trampled. The forced shut-down as a result of the pandemic has effectively shut the treadmill down and we all got to stand still for a moment.

In order to provide car repairs consistently during COVID at METRO we made changes to our procedures. As it turns out, we recognize in our clients that they have grown to enjoy these changes!

We have discovered that the new METRO procedures have helped our customers stay off the treadmill!  We want to keep it that way.

Here is what we will continue to offer:

  • Digital Inspections: Health reports, complete with photos of all needed repairs and extensive mechanics notes, texted and emailed to our customers while their car is in the Shop. This has been a game changer for our mechanics, our service writers and our customers.
    • Technicians have access to a compiled, visual and annotated vehicle history when a car comes into the Shop. This is a catalogued timeline of previous conditions.
    • Service Advisors also have a complied history of previous repairs and maintenance to each vehicle when customers schedule appointments. Don’t remember what your last interval was? Did you do those struts or put them off? We now have a visual record of your leaking struts!
    • Customers can log into their portal and see every inspection and their entire vehicle history. This is really helpful, especially when purchasing and selling vehicles.
  • Key Drop-Off
    • Come on by any time before 8 am the day of your appointment, drop your keys in the slot and keep going. 
    • We sanitize your keys, bring in your car and text you an inspection with recommendations for work. 
    • You can text us back with approvals or questions. You can also call or email us. It’s like being in the bay with your technician!
    • No phone calls at all if that’s what you like!
  • Online Payment
    • Once the work is approved and finished, we can email a link for payment online. No waiting at the counter. No waiting rooms (although we are really proud of our waiting room 😃 
  • Key Lock-Box retrieval
    • Once you have paid online we can text you a code to open up the lock-box where your invoice and car keys are stored. And this is all on your schedule in a day!

At METRO, we are committed to staying off the treadmill. Schedule online at metropolitangarage.com