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Good Vibrations? Not when they come from engine mounts.

When I drove a race car, I loved the experience of romping on the gas pedal and watching the 327 engine in my Camaro jump. So much power waiting for the race track when they dropped the green flag.  However, because this is not Ford VS. Ferrari, and I’m actually just a Fairbanks woman who […]

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CVT Transmission Services

Do you have a CVT Transmission in your vehicle? It seems like a new thing, these CVT, but they have been around for a long time! This Volvo 66 has one. If you don’t know whether or not your new ride has one, you should find out! These transmissions are notoriously finicky in subarctic climates […]

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Suspension is where it’s at for summer safety in Alaska

Springtime! So many of our clients will have canoes strapped to the rack of their Honda Element. The boxy SUV will be fairly smashed to the ground with camping gear. A road trip is usually on the docket for Memorial Day weekend, and you see these vehicles struggling happily for a summit, trailhead or river […]

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