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Let us teach you how to change your own windshield wiper blades

wind shield wiper blades


At METRO, we want to empower Alaskans. We want to teach you how to properly fix your own stuff. From Folk School classes, to our membership in the Repair Cafe community, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and affection for fixing things!

Every Fall, we love teaching our customers how to change their own wiper blades. Surprisingly, it’s a hard sell. Here is why.

Your wipers are bad. They scrape across the windshield of your Chevy like a broom with too few bristles, tracking behind a more organized debris than before.

But wipers are one of those things that annoy you only when you are in the car. The MOMENT you step out, all remembrance of the aggravation escapes you.

However! You are endangering yourself (and everyone else) for 4.9 minutes of your commute while you peer through sleet that your wipers are paving so smoothly to your windshield.

And you do this whole thing with a mixture of perturbed patience and a raging lukewarm defrost fan. This approach is one you have worked at perfecting.

You are a professional Alaskan who is saving exactly the cost of 7 lattes for the privilege of 4.9 minutes X 147 mornings of peril and aggravation.

OK. So, that is 720.3 minutes of white-knuckle anxiety per year. Remember, it’s dark when you’re doing this too.

Let us help you? Give us 2, TWO minutes of your time?

Wipers need to be changed out on a schedule. Like fire alarm batteries.

Every Fall, when you swap tires, trade out your wipers? It will be THE best 30 bucks you’ve ever spent.

At METRO, we want to help you change your habits. Let us show you how to change those blades? Come in for a service or tire swap and our techs will invite you behind the counter or into the parking lot and teach you HOW to change the blades on your own vehicle! It will take 2 minutes or less (a bit more if you own an 80s Saab).

Empowered you will be! And no teeth-gritting for 720 minutes this winter? Take us up on it! Schedule now: [email protected]