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Clutch Repair

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Clutch Repair

In a perfect world, clutch repairs would be minimal and no one would ever need to have their clutch replaced. While proper shifting techniques limit wear on the pressure plate and disc, living in Alaska can cause situations that contribute to necessary clutch maintenance. Getting stuck in a ditch, hauling water, and towing equipment all cause issues that can result in your clutch not performing correctly.

Clutch Repair Fairbanks, AK

Why Are Clutch Repairs So Important?

Clutch related repairs range from simple pedal adjustments to full pressure plate and disc replacements. An accurate diagnosis of your clutch system can help postpone and deter costly repairs.

Our METRO mechanics offer regular inspections and adjustments that allow you to get the most out of your clutch.

Problem Area



If your clutch is malfunctioning, you might experience these symptoms:
  • Clutch pedal hits the floor
  • Clutch pedal disengages too high
  • Engine revs under load or going uphill
  • Burned rubber or dish soap smell

  • These are not the only symptoms that can present if your clutch isn’t working at its peak performance. You drive your car every day and know your clutch better than anyone. If you think there’s an issue, schedule an appointment with us. We’re happy to do an inspection.

    Schedule Your Clutch Repairs With Metro Garage

    In Fairbanks, most of us depend on a car or truck to get around.

    At METRO, we believe regular maintenance by a trained and caring mechanic will keep you on the road in the most cost-effective and confident way. Fair estimates, quick and respectful service, and customized solutions make us who we are – your local, friendly clutch experts. Call or fill out our form today to schedule your next appointment.