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We love picking crans and freezing them. It requires some planning to harvest and store enough crans to have muffins, apple cranberry pie, cranberry chutney. Some of our customers have dedicated “berry freezers”. One for berries, one for salmon and moose. At any rate, cranberry muffins are just around the corner and for us at […]

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Never Feel Exploited by an Auto Shop Again: Two Fool-proof Rules

Auto repair is the most difficult choice car-driving consumers make with their money. According to an extensive survey by AutoMD , drivers would much rather spend $1,500 on painful dental work than on a 1.5K car repair. I agree entirely. My twenty-nine years in the automotive industry corroborates this survey sentiment. Motorists regard car repair as the ultimate […]

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Timing Belts and Service

At METRO, we are scientists and we love this about what we do. We pay attention, find patterns, advise our customers and come up with dynamic plans of maintenance that are specific to not only our climate, but also to our clientele! Let’s take standard “maintenance intervals”. These are predictable mileage and time markers that […]

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Road Salt and Summer

🌼It’s June and winter roads are a distant memory, overgrown now by a gloriously tangled landscape of fireweed, vetch, birch and alder greens. Salt, however, is etched in the present timeline of anything that has ever been on a winter road. Salt is not seasonal and it does not sleep. In fact, summer is an […]

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A few COVID lessons

It is summer and we have weathered both Winter and a pandemic. We are proud of our Fairbanks community for coming together while staying apart.  As a result of COVID, people all over the world have discovered a life off of the economic, cultural, and social treadmill.   It is extremely difficult for one person […]

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Good Vibrations? Not when they come from engine mounts.

When I drove a race car, I loved the experience of romping on the gas pedal and watching the 327 engine in my Camaro jump. So much power waiting for the race track when they dropped the green flag.  However, because this is not Ford VS. Ferrari, and I’m actually just a Fairbanks woman who […]

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CVT Transmission Services

Do you have a CVT Transmission in your vehicle? It’s important to know, especially if you live in a cold climate. If you don’t know whether or not your car has one, you should find out! These transmissions are notoriously finicky in subarctic climates and require special care. Failure to adhere to a “hazardous duty” […]

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