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Battery Repair

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Battery Charging and Replacements

At METRO, we make it our business to keep your car safe and reliable. Our technicians know the ins and outs of maintaining a battery in Alaska. There are tricks to keeping a vehicle running in Alaska, and we take pride in using them all, and in learning new ones. We can spot early signs of wear and fatigue in charging systems. We know how to prioritize maintenance and repair so your car stays running. Replacing or keeping your battery charged is just one way we keep our customers on the road.

Battery Charging and Replacements Fairbanks, AK

A vehicle's charging system is an energy storage and distribution center. Your car battery is literally a storage container for electricity. The circuitry in a car acts as transmission lines that distribute this power. The most common need for a battery replacement is degradation due to wear over time – which is unavoidable! An unnecessary and avoidable cause for battery replacement is neglect. Consistent inspections of winter heaters, as well as the charging system output, will increase your car battery’s life exponentially.

Problem Area



As a driver you can flag problems before they happen if you know what to look for. Watch for these symptoms. They very often indicate charging system failure.

  • Dim or flashing lights
  • Bulging battery case
  • Corroded battery terminals
  • Engine struggles to start
  • Clicking sound when turning key

  • Connect With Your Fairbanks Battery Experts

    Let one of our METRO technicians become your Fairbanks mechanic. We love seeing cars for scheduled maintenance so we can create a tailored strategy to predict and prevent battery failure. With a diligent maintenance schedule and careful repair work, we can help keep your car or truck out of the shop and on the road! Call or fill out a contact form to schedule an appointment and become a part of the METRO family!