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Your car AC unit and heater are one thing.

A car AC unit and heater are not independent systems like you would think. In theory their separation stands to reason. Since when is a fridge integral to your wood stove cranking out heat? It makes sense that systems so different in purpose would have little overlap in design.  Climate Control, not Heat + Air […]

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Subaru CVT Transmission

Do you own a 2010-15 Subaru Legacy or Outback? This means you also own a CVT (Continuously Variable Transmission).  Subaru has issued vehicles with CVT transmissions extended warranties. One point five million vehicles are protected by Subaru’s additional coverage on a feature that has proven problematic in the following vehicles: 2010-15 Legacy and Outback; 2015 Legacy and Outback with […]

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Rust Is Not a Hidden Cost

Rust is costing us a fortune in Fairbanks.Listen to what our data says. It speaks loudly. We see customer cars an average of three times per year for regular maintenance and repairs. From the car you just drove off Kendall’s lot to the 200K-miles, loved-up commuter your high schooler is now driving, we have a […]

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Garage or Not

The WORST Thing for Your Car? A Heated Garage You may or may not have a garage, depending on where you fit into the Cycle of Life in Alaska. Maybe you just graduated to a gray-water system in your cabin. Maybe you even just got a washer so weekends are not spent at the laundromat. If […]

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Metropolitan Garage Series

Common Alaskan Automotive DIY Fails: Air Filter Installation We are handy in Fairbanks and we know it. And it’s not all ego. We have to be? Now, we don’t all live the dramatic lives of Alaska Reality TV. Almost a million people live in AK and yet THE MAJORITY of us live 20 minutes from a […]

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